Friday, 16 November 2012

September Four A Month - Colourful Carnival Masks

Here are my Four A Month Challenge pieces for September. Four Colourful Carnival Mask pendants. They are all made in fine silver using Art Clay Silver and have Enamelled Accents. I have already posted two of these masks before, but my intention was always to make four new masks for a FAM entry so here they all are.
I am really enjoying making these masks now. They have come a long journey since the first one  I made (that I still use on my website, cards etc) back in 2009.
The first of the four is my little alien mask. OK, so maybe not so much of a traditional carnival mask but he is fun! I called him VMA - why? Well - because he is a Venetian Mask Alien!! :)
This little fella didn't hang around long and zoomed off to a new home on his first outing to a craft fair! I think I shall make more little aliens!

The next one I have called Cosmic Rainbow as she also seems to have something a little space age about her to me, but someone else who saw her could see a sort of 1920s flapper style in her. That is what I so love about this type of jewellery - we all see different things in it!
The next two masks I have blogged about before so I will just remind you of their names and you can look back on the blog if you want to read more about them.
This one is Japanese Mystery...
... and this one is Arcbaleno all Moda.

I shall be teaching a workshop on making these masks in June next year up in the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors.
I have also just taught this for the first time to two wonderful students and I shall be posting photos of the masks they made really soon!!
Have fun!
Joy x

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