Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Bird a Month 10/12 - Peacock Splendour

OK, I am on catch up now :) Long time no blog, (bad blogger - wrist slapped!) and I have challenges to get up to date with!!
So first of all my Bird a Month Challenge. Here is my piece for last month, I've called it Peacock Splendour (for obvious reasons!).
It is a fine silver pendant made using Art Clay Silver and has Enamelled Accents and an aquamarine cz stone.
This is one of two pieces I have recently made using QuikArt Ultralite templates from Metal Clay Supply in the USA. These templates are designed to allow you to save clay but I ended up using them a different way to create texture plates and I am quite pleased with the outcome. I post more about how I used them in the future.
Below is another piece made the same way. I have called this one Rainbow Zing as it is so bright and colourful :) 

Next I will get my Four a Month Challenge back up to date, and then I can make my pieces for this month!
Still, I guess it is better to be too busy than bored!! ;)
Have fun!


  1. Stunning peacock Joy. Great job

  2. I love them both Peacock & Rainbow Zing, really love the colors! how do you achieve the colors?
    So pretty :) I want them all.

    1. Thanks Erika! The colours are all traditional vitreous enamel fues onto the finihed silver pieces :)


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