Sunday 27 November 2011

Bird a Week 47/52 - Northern Cardinal

Only 5 more birds to go after this one until the end of the year! Wow it seems to have gone fast.

47/52 a lovely Northern Cardinal sitting in spring blossom. This is a fine silver pendant with enamel.

The reverse is decorated with a texture and 2mm and 3mm CZs.

Not too seasonal, I know, but with so few birds left till the end of the year I just have to choose the ones I like!! ;-)

Here is the Haiku

Pink and white blossom

Red and black bird betwixt
Northern Cardinal

Thursday 24 November 2011

Bird a Week 46/52 - Autumn Bird

Bird number 46. Autumnal Bird. The colours on all the trees have been lovely in recent weeks and they inspired to make this brooch. Made of fine silver using silver clay, it is enamelled in a mix of reds, oranges and yellows with flecks of 24k gold fused into the enamel.

What sort of bird is it? Well it could be a black bird......

or maybe a blue bird .......

or even an orange bird!

It just depends what you wear him on!!!  ;-)

Here is his Haiku

Orange, red and gold
Autumnal colours abound
Silhouetted bird

This, of course, is technically last weeks bird as, yet again, I am behind!

I have been doing a lot of Christmas Fairs. Tomorrow and Saturday I shall be at the Cooden Beach Hotel near Bexhill in East Sussex. This is a lovely craft fair so do pop in if you are in the area.

I am off to enamel bird number 47 now :)

Monday 14 November 2011

Bird a Week 45/52 - Pavone di Venezia

This week is something a little different. This is the fourth in my venetian mask series which is inspired by the bird a week so I hope you will forgive artistic licence:) I know she is a little late again but I am into the Christmas Fairs now so my schedule gets a little pushed around!

I have called her Pavone di Venezia meaning the peacock of Venice. She is fine silver and set with 2mm lab sapphire cabochons and 2mm citrine czs. Her earrings dangle and move around as she is worn.

The reverse is decorated as well and set with 3 x 3mm stones.

I am going to list her for sale in on my website and also in my new Etsy shop that I recently opened. You can see the link to the shop on the right of my blog.

Here is her Haiku

Peacock Blue and Green
Plumage framing mask serene
Venetian wonder

Sunday 6 November 2011

Bird a Week 44/52 - Appealing Pair of Puffins

Yay - I have finished the puffins at last. This turned into such a labour of love that I nearly called them Huffin and Puffin! :)

I had this mad idea for a reversible puffin pendant as I found two nice photos of puffins that I wanted to base it on. It was one of those "seemed like a good idea at the time" things.

Anyway to cut a long story short this one took me quite a long time to make it and enamel both sides! Still I am happy with the end result. I hope you like it.

And the Haiku

Appealing Puffins
With bright orange feet and beaks
Reversible fun

Friday 4 November 2011

Bird a Week 43/52 - Rainbow Birds

Week 43 of 52. Gosh this year is going fast. So this is actually last weeks bird as I am on catch up again. Just to confuse my regular readers this is not a puffin!! :)

The puffin is still puffing along. Actually it should be up on Sunday morning once I have finished enamelling it. It has all gotten a bit complicated... all will be revealed soon!

Back to these birds, lovely brightly coloured Rainbow Birds sitting on golden blossom. It is a fine silver lentil bead made using Art Clay Silver and the reverse has a nice silver texture.

Here is my Haiku

Pretty Rainbow Birds
Golden blossom all around
Sweet sounding songs

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