Monday 20 June 2016

November 2016 Weekend Workshop

Whoo hoo...this is exciting!!!
I'll be teaching Enamelled Textures with Silver Clay at a weekend workshop in Folkestone, Kent, UK at the start of November this year.
The workshop runs from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and the fantastic price of £399 includes your accommodation, meals, 25g of Art Clay Silver and 14 hours of teaching!!! The only extra is a kit fee of £16 which will include enamels etc, and any drinks you want while we are all there you'll buy as we go along! ;)
This will be a small group and it's going to be a fun weekend !! The workshop takes place in the Best Western Clifton Hotel in an excellent position on the cliff top. We will have all our meals together and work into the evenings too!!
This is already booking up and places are limited so don't miss out!
Folkestone is on a direct train route from London and right beside the Channel Tunnel, so perfect if you want to pop over to the UK to join us!!!!
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and a great weekend of fun and creativity!!!
have fun!!
Joy x

Sunday 19 June 2016

Workshops in the USA 2016

I am so excited to tell you that we are now all set for my workshops in the USA!!!
This is the only time I'll be teaching in USA this year so don't miss out :D
First I'll be teaching a two day workshop on the 15th and 16th October.
This is my new Hidden Lantern workshop.
One side has your own unique silver texture that is enamelled and decorated with 2mm stones...
 the other side is pierced and you have the option to add keum boo inside so the gold shines out!!!
Oh, and did I mention that we have a lovely radiating carved design top???

This is a technique packed 2 days and not for the faint hearted ;) But hey, you know me , I love to keep everyone working...with a good sprinkling of laughter and fun included of course!! :D
Then to follow on why not join me for my
Joyful Spinner Rings workshop.
This is on 17th October so you can make it a long weekend of creativity!!
These are super fun!!
We'll cover making them the right size (yes I know, that can be such a hassle!!!) and you'll make everything in silver clay.
The outside ring is textured and yours will be uniquely you as you'll create your own design around the edges. Of course we'll make sure everything is super smooth and beautifully tactile to feel and wear too.

The inner ring will spin freely and of course it will need some colour (doesn't everything???) so we'll be adding 2mm fireable stones.

Here's a spinney video ;)


These are just some ideas, I've already made other rings (watch out for more photos!). This technique is so versatile!
So... you've made it this far through my post???
Where are these workshops I hear you asking!!! ;)
Just near Washington DC at La Ruche Davis with the most excellent Ann Davis as host!!!
Check out all the details and how to book here.

A workshop at Ann's is always a good laugh, and don't miss out on her included Saturday night GF buffet and wine social if you book the 2 day workshop. I always love this bit with super people dropping in to join us too!! :D
I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones :D
Have Fun!!!
PS Feeling left out as you are in Europe?? I'll be posting about a wonderful workshop in Folkestone UK in November this year in my next blog post tomorrow! Don't miss it!!

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