Sunday 26 June 2011

Bird a week 25/52 - Soaring High

Don't you just hate people who say things and then don't do what they say? I'll try be less tardy I said in my last post! Huh - another bird not posted until Sunday. Sorry!!

So this fine silver brooch is made using Art Clay Silver with a  coral bezel set cab and keum boo and Enamelled Accent silhouetted bird.

The cabochon is 8mm to give you some idea of the size of it.

The reverse has a handmade brooch pin.

Here is the Haiku poem for it.

Sun shines rays of gold
Silhouettes dark, feathered wings
Soaring high above

Hope you like it ;-)

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Bird a Week 24/52 - Hey Duckie!

Oh dear, sorry, I am a bit late posting this one. Busy times.

So... my very first bird ring!!

I think I over fluffed this little duckling a bit but I still think he is cute. Made of fine silver using Art Clay Silver he sits on his own little pool of water.

Here is his little Haiku poem

Babbling stream beneath
Fluffy duckling paddles fast
Have you seen my Mum?

I will try to be less tardy this week ;-)

Sunday 12 June 2011

Bird a Week 23/52 - Inspiration Birdie

Birdie number 23. Last week a friend of mine was looking at some of my birds and said how much she liked the little sculpted birds I did early on in the challenge. This inspired me to make this little one so I have called him Inspiration Birdie.

He is fine silver, made using Art Clay Silver. Of course he had to have my little Joy logo on :). It only just fitted!

I was inspired to make him and making him has inspired me to make more.... :)

Here is his Haiku

Sitting so pretty
Looking up towards the sky
Hope springs eternal

Thursday 9 June 2011

MCWC Workshop in Chicago

It is not long now until the Metal Clay World Conference in Chicago in July. I can't believe it has come round so fast! I am teaching a pre conference workshop and giving presentations during the conference.

I am teaching my Enamelled Accents technique. Above is a little sampler palette showing the colours we will be using. I normally only use leaded enamels but for this I was asked to use unleaded so these are all Thompson enamels. I have tested quite a lot of colours and liked this mix which I think has quite a lot of possibilities.

We have Lime Yellow, Aqua, Prussian Blue, Turquoise and Rose Purple. All of these colors work direct onto silver.

I am now making examples using the colours. I have called this Lunar Lights....

and here is the reverse of it. I made the texture using my friend Lynne Glazzard's paper texture technique and it is set with 2mm & 3mm CZs.

This one is called Squaring Up .....

and the reverse. Another paper texture and a 4mm CZ.

I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone makes :)

Saturday 4 June 2011

Bird a Week 22/52 - Rainbow Cockatoo

I know I know you have never heard of a rainbow Cockatoo, well I don't think there is one. Mind you if you google it you will see some poor birds who I hope were digitally enhanced and did not have a bad day at the birdie hairdressers!! I digress :)

This little pendant is made using Art Clay Silver and is enamelled. I found an old printing block this week whilst I was having a clear out. I acquired it years ago and it is quite worn but there was still enough details left to impress the clay quite well, albeit with some flaws in it it (the little dots).

Having checked out what colours cockatoos came in they all seemed a little boring so I went for a rainbow bright and cheerful version:)

This is the printing block beside it. The wingspan on the fired bird is just 17mm so quite tiny.

And here is my haiku for it

Siting on a perch
In Victorian splendour
Multicoloured Bird

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