Wednesday 7 September 2016

Hidden Lanterns and Joyful Spinners!

I am very excited to be going back over the pond to the USA next month to stay with my good friend, the very wonderful Ann Davis. My flights are all booked and it is only five weeks away!! Ann is a truly amazing and very innovative artist. I always feel so inspired when I stay with her and come back with my head crammed full of new ideas. She has done so many things and is a real fount of all knowledge!!! I always learn new things from her.
While I'm there I will be teaching for 3 days at Ann's studio - La Ruche Davis, near Washington, DC.
First will be a two day Hidden Lantern workshop. These are complex little pendants with lots of exciting techniques to learn. Each side of the hollow pendant is gently curved.  On the one side we will be making textured areas to enamel into. We will also be adding lovely sparkly accent stones.

The reverse of each pendant has pierced out areas in the design. This is why they are Hidden Lanterns ;) 

On two of the pendants 24k gold has been added inside which shines out through the pierced areas and reflects the light when they are worn that way round. The third pendant is a variation with a removable base. This allows for something different to be placed inside to show through. Of course for me that has to be something colourful!! :D

This pendant also has small accent stones set down each side.

One of my favourite parts of these pendants is the tops!!! Each has a different design and loop to hang it with. These really add to the character of each one.

I'll also be teaching a one day Joyful Spinner Rings workshop.
These fun rings are a delight to wear. Hours of twiddling fun with the inner ring freely moving inside the outer channelled one. There'll be lots of stone setting too to give them sparkle.
I've been making lots of examples of them - I love making these!!!

This one even has tiny stones set on the sides for even more sparkle!!!

I can't wait to see what everyone makes on these workshops. One of the things I enjoy so much about teaching is seeing people take an idea and come up with variations that would never even cross my mind!!!
If you want to join us for all the fun do get in touch very soon!! Both workshops are nearly full but there is still a seat or two left at the moment :D I'm looking forward to meeting old friends again and making new ones!!
I know I'll come home having learnt so much too!
Meanwhile - have fun!!
Joy x
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