Wednesday 29 April 2009

Galatic Purple Necklace

Ok, so this is the fifth piece that I entered to the Guild of Enamellers. (If you don't know what I am talking about read the posts below to see :-)). You would never guess I am a trekkie and Star Wars fan would you!

It is a reversible pendant and the centre is enamelled in Soyer Mid Purple and Light Purple with silver flakes and silver balls fired into the surface. After I made the piece Laura Sparling (the most talented lampwork bead artist I know) very kindly made me some terrific beads to go into my handmade silver chain by matching the lighter purple.

The sixth piece and final is coming soon!

Galatic Purple Reverse

Monday 27 April 2009

Frogs n Fish

So the fishes have gone and I now have a tree frog for you to feed. I thought I would change the fun bit every couple of weeks just to keep you interested! I would love to know what you think though.

Sunday 26 April 2009

Look - No Solder!

This is another of the pieces I made for my Craftsman entry to the Guild of Enamellers. The links are made using Art Clay Silver and it is a reversible bracelet enamelled on both sides. The photo above is of the front enamelled with Soyer Mid Blue and Deep Grass Green. One of the great things about using silver clay is that you can make things for enamelling without any solder joints. No more worries about weakening the joins when firing. How great is that? These links are elliptical and were joined with the jump ring connections after they were enamelled on both sides. Here is a picture before enamelling when I was trying out the connections.

And this is the other side of the bracelet enamelled with Soyer Black. A very sort of 60s look I think.

Monday 20 April 2009

Blowing my own Trumpet!

Carnevale Venezia

Phew, I just got back from the Guild of Enamellers annual conference. I had entered work to be judged and am very excited to say that I was awarded Craftsman status. So now I can put C.G.E. after my name (Craftsman of the Guild of Enamellers). How posh eh! I had to make six pieces of work and I think the Venetian Carnival mask above was my favourite. I have posted a couple more of the pieces here here as well. They were all made using Art Clay Silver and Enamel.

Autumn Leaves

Lime Soda Fizz

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Still Water Runs Deep

Every year Art Clay Silver have a competition in Japan for Silver Accessories. This year my friend Lynne Glazzard and I decided to have a go and enter. We did not win anything (of course!). The standard is extremely high and entries come from worldwide. We did both really enjoy having a go though. Here is the piece that I made. I called it Still Water Runs Deep. I had great fun making my own take on a 'snake' chain and will be incorporating the snakes into a range of jewellery I am making soon.
Here is a photo of the hidden snake on the back.

Monday 13 April 2009

Welcome to my Blog

OK I have decided it is time to jump on the blog bandwagon. So here goes.

This is my shiny new blog. I shall try to update it when I get the time.

First the intro. I'm Joy Funnell. I make jewellery.

I love to play with silver clay, enamels and glass. I am a Senior Instructor in Art Clay Silver. I teach workshops in it and I also sell Art Clay materials and tools in my eBay shop and on my website. Most of all I love making (and of course selling) my jewellery.

Short and sweet to start off with! (that doesn't sound like me!) I shall be improving the whole blog thing as I go along. Why not follow me to see how I get along.

Back soon.

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