Monday, 20 April 2009

Blowing my own Trumpet!

Carnevale Venezia

Phew, I just got back from the Guild of Enamellers annual conference. I had entered work to be judged and am very excited to say that I was awarded Craftsman status. So now I can put C.G.E. after my name (Craftsman of the Guild of Enamellers). How posh eh! I had to make six pieces of work and I think the Venetian Carnival mask above was my favourite. I have posted a couple more of the pieces here here as well. They were all made using Art Clay Silver and Enamel.

Autumn Leaves

Lime Soda Fizz


  1. These are absolutely beautiful and I hope you are very proud of what you have achieved x

  2. ps I bought two goldfish and kept them as I was supposed to, in their bag of water to acclimatise but now I have opened it and let them out into their little pool I can't see them any more.... so will keep feeding yours!

  3. Thanks Lynne, I couldn't of done it without all your support. Are you sure you put your fish in the pond and not in the bore hole? :)

  4. Wow - Loving your blog - and the work is STUNNING!! Congratulations!

    Emma xxx

  5. Absolutely gorgeous work, you deserve the award.

  6. That carnival mask is stunning - I love to see ACS being pushed to the forefront as an excellent medium for enamels. It takes a true craftswoman (that's official) like yourself to do it!
    Congratulations on the CGE :)
    Nicola xx

  7. Thanks Emma, Dawn & Nicola. I'm blushing now!


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