Friday 31 August 2012

Challenging Times!

Just in the nick of time here are my challenge pieces for August! My Four A Month pieces are called Enamelling Fun (for obvious reasons!!). Bright and colourful, I have enjoyed making these.
The first one is called Japanese Sunset. This is a piece I have had in the back of my mind for a long time and I was pleased with the result when I finally made it! OK, so here is a bit of cheating as this is also my Bird A Month for August. Apologises, I have tried not to be sneaky like this but this month got a bit busy!

The next piece is called Rainbow Sprite's Flower. A while ago someone called me a Rainbow Sprite, (thank you Terry Kovalcik!) and, well I do like my colours and I was wearing my rainbow waistcoat! I kind of liked the name so I thought I would use it for this piece.

The next one I called Serenity. It is a simple pendant with peaceful green and blue songbirds.

Finally I have called this one Summer Blackbird. This is the third piece I have made with a blackbird on, each one different. This time I thought I would add a few bright colourful flowers and a bright shining sun to the pendant.

I do realise that with everyone I have had going on my blog has been a bit neglected this past month. Sorry for that.
I have lots of things to tell you and pieces to post so blogging is about to become a lot more frequent!!
This weekend I shall be at the RAFA Shoreham Airshow in the Craft Marquee. Do come along and say hello. It is always a great show :)
Have fun!

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