Thursday 22 September 2011

Bird a Week 38/52 - Flying Round in Circles

This week I am back on the more generic style of birds. Flying birds circle all around this ring fine silver ring made using Art Clay Silver and it set set all round with zircon blue and orange 2mm CZs. I was thinking of the blue sky and the orange sunsets with these.

Here is the Haiku

Flying little birds
Sky blue and sunset orange
Circling all around

Sunday 18 September 2011

Bird a Week 37/52 - Decoy Mini

Week 37! This week I was running a bit short on time, hence I am a day late with this bird. Anyway, I eventually settled on a little mini decoy duck. I think he is quite sweet. Made of fine silver using Art Clay Silver you can see from the photo below he is tiny.

And is that a tear in his eye?....

Little decoy duck
Mimicking feathered friends
Maybe you are sad

Friday 9 September 2011

Bird a Week 36/52 - Pretty Flamingos

I gone a bit more exotic this week for my bird a week:)

A pair of pretty flamingos. They are actually a bit pinker than this but I am struggling to photograph the colour.

Fine silver made using Art Clay Silver they have Enamelled Accent Flamingos on.

Definitely statement earrings I think!

I shall be putting them into my website shop which is going to have a major update this week with more birds! I have been getting lots of things hallmarked ready for sale.

Still loving making these birds! ;-)

Friday 2 September 2011

Bird a Week 35/52 - Red Breast

Week 35 - gosh the year is going quickly! This week's bird is a fairly simple reversible enamelled pendant. It is made in fine silver using Art Clay Silver.

On the reverse is a nice texture and some little decorations. This side is for when you are in a less colourful but more thoughtful mood :)

At the last two shows I have done I have sold quite a few rings so I was determined to make some more this week.

This is the result of my efforts, nice sparkly bling!

This weekend I am at Leeds Castle in Kent. It is a stunning venue and to make it even better this weekend is called Balloons and Bentleys. There will be Bentleys, hot air balloons and steam engines as well as food, and crafts and me!!!

What more do you want :)

Do come along and say hello.

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