Friday 9 September 2011

Bird a Week 36/52 - Pretty Flamingos

I gone a bit more exotic this week for my bird a week:)

A pair of pretty flamingos. They are actually a bit pinker than this but I am struggling to photograph the colour.

Fine silver made using Art Clay Silver they have Enamelled Accent Flamingos on.

Definitely statement earrings I think!

I shall be putting them into my website shop which is going to have a major update this week with more birds! I have been getting lots of things hallmarked ready for sale.

Still loving making these birds! ;-)


  1. I just love, love these. When will they be going the the shop?

  2. They are there now! Amazingly I actually managed to list some new things yesterday. Still more to come but at least I got started!! :)

  3. Yeah! I love 'em! Beautiful my dear.


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