Saturday 27 February 2010


Case packed (well almost), fridge stocked up for family, passport in handbag and I'm ready for an early off tomorrow morning. Japan here I come!!
Ok so the piece above is not a Japanese Maple leaf but it was the nearest I had! I made this as a demo piece on a workshop this past week and I quite like it. Just two ivy leaves made using a leaf veiner/cutter from a kitchen shop, a little rolled out snake of clay and a 4mm peridot set using Art Clay Silver syringe. Simple but pretty.
I will be updating my blog with lots of photos etc upon my return so check back from 8th March onwards - oh and I shall be having a giveaway later in March as well.
Watch this space.......

Monday 22 February 2010

Bling for Me!

It occurred to me that if I am flying half way round the world to see where Art Clay is made I really ought to have some appropriate jewellery to wear made of Art Clay Silver!
Having checked out my earrings I onlyhad one suitable pair so at the weekend I made myself a few more and a new ring.

I just love this lab grown sapphire. It sparkles beautifully and even has little pink twinkles.

This pair of earrings are pierced so the light shines through some of squares

Pretty little Alexandrite stones in the flowers on these - they match a pendant I made before

and my favourite Rainbow Sparkles.
Well that is one thing sorted anyway...

Thursday 18 February 2010

Japanese Thoughts

Long time no blogging. Very bad. I have been busy teaching, making (but I can't show you the pieces yet :( ) and getting myself sorted out because.....

It is now ONLY 10 DAYS until the long awaited trip to Japan!! 10 of us are going and we will be seeing how Art Clay Silver is made and will be given some workshops as well as a bit of sightseeing and going to Art Clay HQ. So exciting!! I will be posting all the gen about it all with lots of photos here on my blog.

My eBay shop and website will be closed for a while (hubby and cats who get to stay home did not want to run it!) as when I return I have some other commitments so do stock up now before I go.

So what does the above photo have to do with all that? Not a lot but is is made with Art Clay Silver and enamelled and is a splash of colour on this gloomy wet day :)

Monday 8 February 2010

Haiti Charity Auction

There is a Charity Auction which started today and goes on all week over at Kookie Designs.
Loads of fantastic items have been donated and Mel has done a brilliant job organising it all and dividing up the auction lots. I think I shall be bidding on some of the lots myself as there are some super things!
I have donated the pendant above. You will find it in Lot 8.
Please do go over and check it all out, and if you have your own blog then please do blog about it if you would like to so as many people as possible visit the auction.
Happy Bidding :-)

Tuesday 2 February 2010

Sunshine n Sky Pendant

If you have never added glass to your Art Clay Silver pieces then maybe I can inspire you to give it a go. The pendant above is reversible and the different colours on the glass give a great effect either way round.
You do need to have a kiln for this as you have to start off from cold and allow the piece to cool slowly in the kiln afterwards or your glass will crack.
For this pendant I have used a small round cabochon of dichroic glass. I fused my own but you can buy ready made cabochons of dichroic glass (just Google it and you will find lots of suppliers).
I made a shape out of Art Clay silver using a texture plate for the design and rolled to 1.5mm (6 cards) thick. I used a round cutter slightly smaller than the cabochon to make a hole in the centre. While the clay was still wet I pushed the glass into the hole and allowed the piece to dry. I decorated the back, added the bail and finished the piece ready for firing.
I fired from cold to 520cc and held for 10mins (this allows the glass get an even temperature) then up to 800c and held for 10mins then reduced the temperature to 520c and held for 1 hour to anneal the glass (which gives it strength) and then switched the kiln off and left it until it was back to room temperature. At 800c the glass and silver will fuse together and the glass will soften again and settle into the hole in the silver.
Polish the piece up in your normal way and add a chain. Voila!!
Note - annealed glass is very strong but never sell pieces for children to wear. Broken glass should always be discarded safely.

Laura's Prize Draw Giveaway

Over on the Beads by Laura blog Laura is running a prize draw where you can win one of three fab prizes. The photo above is NOT all three prizes - this is just ONE of them!!
Fantastic isn't it. Even better is this prize includes a 7g pack of Art Clay Silver which I have supplied. An added bonus for all you silver clay fans.
So get over to Laura's blog now, leave a comment and make sure you add yourself as a Follower because this is going to be a monthly draw with varying prizes.
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