Saturday 31 August 2019

Ring a Month 2019 - August

Here is my ring for August.

The theme for the month was
'Under the Sea'

This is Cephalopodicus Funnelli 😉

I had a lot of fun making this ring. As soon as I saw the theme I had an idea as I'd also just acquired a new tool and I was keen to play!!! 

So I started out making the band for the ring which was a tapered snake of textured clay.

Then I drilled out the larger end to make the shell hollow. This was so the actual creature could live inside it's shell 😄 

Next I added the arms using little textured snakes of clay. Most cephalopods had 10 arms, so 10 it was. I fitted each one into the shell and squiggled them around a bit...

...then I made some little tiny ammonites to snuggle up. I used a stone setting burr to make a seat for a 3mm stone in one of them...

...and it was cuddled up in the arms.

Then I set the stone in place and also added a nice green eye. Unlike most cephalopods Cephalopodicus Funnelli is fairly unusual in that it only has one eye 😂 

Finally I added another little ammonite on the side of the shell.

Then the ring was all ready for firing. 

Here's a little video of it before it was fired.  

After firing the ring was polished up and patinated to bring up all the nice textures. 

I was lucky that I manged to find an actual photo of Cephalopodicus Funnelli in the sea to photograph my ring beside!! Although it isn't to scale!! 😉😂

So if you are a metal clayer then you are probably wondering by now what the new tool was that I used to make this ring? 

Well I am super excited by these and I've made a video showing you the tools in action because I'm absolutely loving using them.

The good news is that they'll be in stock at Metal Clay Ltd in the very near future!!! 

I've very much enjoyed the Ring a Month 2019 challenge this month. 

I do hope you enjoy my videos!! ;) 

Until next time...

Have fun!

Joy x

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