Tuesday 29 June 2010

Tangled Heart Pendant

Trying to make every piece of work different all the while (as I do) can be a bit of a challenge. People always seem to like syringed hearts and I am a great fan of the random squiggle with syringing. I just love that tangled wire look.

Here is my latest heart and I thought I would jazz this one up by adding 2mm syringe set CZs all over the front. It is a bit larger than I normally make and measures about 30mm across.

Here is the reverse with my little name logo. Nice and simple so it can be worn either way round.
This weekend I am at the Small Holders Show, South of England Show Ground, Ardingly, Sussex. This is always a nice show. Lots of little furry animals and ducks etc to look at:).

 I shall be there with Wealden Craftworkers and we will be in the Abergavenny Building as usual. If I have room beside my stand I will be demonstrating Art Clay Silver as well.

Please do pop along for a fun day out and say Hi.

Friday 25 June 2010

Yay - I made 100!

Actually as I am writing this it is 101 followers now!

Thanks to Beth Murr for being my 100th follower. I just popped over to her blog and she makes lovely things! Do go and have a look.  

Here is a new little pendant I recently finished. I am still in the Japanese mode :)

It is actually square and measures just 18mm across. It is a comfy little pillow shape and is reversible.

One side Cherry Blossom ....

The other side an abstract Bamboo texture (thanks to a texture plate Lesley Messam gave me!)

More one to one teaching this weekend - and looks like it is going to be hot! Time to get out the fan and the humidifier :)

Wednesday 23 June 2010

Just one more to make the 100!

I just noticed that I now have 99 followers on my blog so sign up quick if you want to be the 100th!

Here are 3 rings that I made recently whilst teaching a one to one Art Clay Level 1 certification course. That is the great thing with one to one, I can teach and make at the same time so you get to see other techniques as well!! Fun for both of us!

I really love the blue ring in the centre above. I think I shall have to make one of those for me, but what colour stone..... ;-) 

Thursday 17 June 2010

Workshop Examples - work in progress!

Oh dear, so sorry - I didn't realise how long it was since I last posted!

I have been busy teaching and time just slips away doesn't it.

Anyway, I promised some more examples for the Art Clay UK Conference in September. I wasn't going to post these until they were finished but as I have not got that far yet and I want to show you I have been doing something (!) here is some work in progress.

These pieces have background textures using my good friend and co teacher at the conference Lynne Glazzard's paper texture technique. Then I have added some Enamelled Accents. This piece will be patinated with Liver of Sulphur to bring up the textures.

The reverse below is decorated as well. (OK hands up - is it just me who thinks Mickey Mouse every time I look at this shape or do you agree?  :) !! )

The second piece is again using a paper texture on the front. As well as the Enamelled Accents this time I have also added some gold fused to the surface using the Keum Boo technique but with a twist.

You will see the gold is slightly patchy at the mo but actually I am really pleased as this was just torch fired on and burnished. I have been experimenting with torch firing the gold and was surprised just how easily it took. I scrubbed the piece really well after to see if the gold was really fused and most of it was. I shall reapply to cover the patchy areas and experiment further.

Below is the reverse of this piece and again it is also awaiting being patinated.

I'll post the finished pieces soon....

Sunday 6 June 2010

Something Fishy!

The Art Clay World Guild UK Conference 2010 will be held in York on 16th - 19th September. My good friend Lynne Glazzard and I will be teaching the Enamelling workshop together. This is going to be a fun workshop!!

We have both been working on pieces as examples of the techniques we are teaching. This is my main example and I have another simpler piece nearly finished which I will post here later this week. 

I have called this piece Something Fishy (for obvious reasons :-) )

Pop over to Lynne's blog and you can see her first example piece.

We will be teaching a combination of creating textures and recesses for enamelling on your pieces using Lynne's great paper texture technique (like the water splash on the pendant above and the fish on the reverse below) and then adding extra colour with my Enamelled Accents technique (like the fish above). For good measure we will also be covering decorating the back of your piece. How exciting is all that!!

This piece has a fishy texture on the reverse (sorry it has not photographed too well. Not the best light today for photos!) and a decorative bail and syringe set Aquamarine CZs.

If you use Silver Clay you really should come to the Conference. Booking is now open and there is a fantastic line up of workshops so if you don't want to do enamelling you will find loads of other exciting things to do. We have a Master Instructor from Japan coming over especially to teach a masterclass and workshops. So don't miss out!! Book Now!
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