Thursday, 17 June 2010

Workshop Examples - work in progress!

Oh dear, so sorry - I didn't realise how long it was since I last posted!

I have been busy teaching and time just slips away doesn't it.

Anyway, I promised some more examples for the Art Clay UK Conference in September. I wasn't going to post these until they were finished but as I have not got that far yet and I want to show you I have been doing something (!) here is some work in progress.

These pieces have background textures using my good friend and co teacher at the conference Lynne Glazzard's paper texture technique. Then I have added some Enamelled Accents. This piece will be patinated with Liver of Sulphur to bring up the textures.

The reverse below is decorated as well. (OK hands up - is it just me who thinks Mickey Mouse every time I look at this shape or do you agree?  :) !! )

The second piece is again using a paper texture on the front. As well as the Enamelled Accents this time I have also added some gold fused to the surface using the Keum Boo technique but with a twist.

You will see the gold is slightly patchy at the mo but actually I am really pleased as this was just torch fired on and burnished. I have been experimenting with torch firing the gold and was surprised just how easily it took. I scrubbed the piece really well after to see if the gold was really fused and most of it was. I shall reapply to cover the patchy areas and experiment further.

Below is the reverse of this piece and again it is also awaiting being patinated.

I'll post the finished pieces soon....

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  1. these are absolutely lovely, I had better get working!


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