Tuesday 7 December 2010

Hastings Hot Houses

This weekend I am doing the open studios in Hastings. I am at 84 Croft Road and will be at the house myself Saturday and Sunday from 2pm - 5pm. Do come along and say hello, and do the trail of all the houses in the beautiful Old Town of Hastings. Full details are on the website http://www.hastingshothouses.co.uk/.

A great opportunity to finish off your Christmas shopping with unique handmade gifts.

Saturday 4 December 2010

Koi Bowl


So here are some more pictures of the little Koi Bowl I made.

Dinky isn't it. Just 39mm in diameter. It will be off for hallmarking in the next batch and then up for sale.

Meanwhile our 14inches of snow has now melted in just 24 hours helped by copious amounts of rain today. I am glad we live on a hill!

Before the frozen conditions went we had some fantastic icicles. Here are just a few piccies. I am going to put a load more up on facebook. I am sure these will inspire me to make something - just not sure what yet:-)

Friday 3 December 2010

Snowed off

Sadly my show this weekend at Bentley has been cancelled due to the weather. I am not surprised. By yesterday we had about 14 inches of snow here. 

I will be at Battle Late Night Shopping this coming Thursday evening in the Memorial Hall. Next weekend I am doing Hastings Hot Houses but I will post more about that in a day or so.

The little dish above is a new Japanese inspired piece I have just made. I have called it Koi Bowl. The koi is enamelled and the rest of the piece is just patinated. It is quite tiny, only about 39mm in diameter and is made using Art Clay Silver. I will post some more photos soon but blogger is playing up and refusing to load them at the mo!

Maybe it is the snow ;-)

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Bring Me Sunshine - a bit of a Challenge!!

Like many of you I am now in the midst of the snow with several inches outside. My workshop I was teaching tomorrow is off - it is snow go! (sorry)

So I was wondering if some of you might be up for a bit of a challenge in your unexpected free time. I'm calling it Bring Me Sunshine. If you are snowed in make something that is warm, sunny, or just brings a smile to everyones faces in any media. Post your photo in the Flickr group Bring Me Sunshine. If you are in sunnier climes just post something to warm and inspire others.

The prize - you will be inspiring yourself as well as those who are stuck in the snow and hopefully bringing a bit of sunshine into their cold and frosty lives. Go for it - why not!!

Joy x

PS I actually have no idea if posting your photos to this Flickr group will work as I have never set one of these up before so if it does not perhaps someone will tell me how to do it properly!! :-)
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