Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bring Me Sunshine - a bit of a Challenge!!

Like many of you I am now in the midst of the snow with several inches outside. My workshop I was teaching tomorrow is off - it is snow go! (sorry)

So I was wondering if some of you might be up for a bit of a challenge in your unexpected free time. I'm calling it Bring Me Sunshine. If you are snowed in make something that is warm, sunny, or just brings a smile to everyones faces in any media. Post your photo in the Flickr group Bring Me Sunshine. If you are in sunnier climes just post something to warm and inspire others.

The prize - you will be inspiring yourself as well as those who are stuck in the snow and hopefully bringing a bit of sunshine into their cold and frosty lives. Go for it - why not!!

Joy x

PS I actually have no idea if posting your photos to this Flickr group will work as I have never set one of these up before so if it does not perhaps someone will tell me how to do it properly!! :-)

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