Sunday 3 August 2014

A Host of Angels - Past & Present

I've made several angel pieces in the past.

 I've been searching back through my photos to try to find them.
It's always fun to look back and see the things I made before. I find it interesting how my work is changing and my photographic skills are gradually improving!! :)


Recently I've been working on a new design for an angel, based on a heart.

So this is the prototype, just to see how it looks. It's quite tiny, only 19mm in diameter, with enamel and 24k gold in the halo. 

The design needs a bit more work, but I'm liking it so far! :)

It will be interesting to see where this ends up!! :)

Have fun!

Joy x

Thursday 31 July 2014

Blackbird Locket

 I have often been asked if I make lockets, and while I have made a couple in the past, more recently I haven't.

So I had a good think about what sort of lockets I wanted to make and this is the end result! 

This Blackbird Locket is quite small, the heart shape measure approx 26mm x 20mm. It is made in fine silver and the bird is enamelled (black obviously :) ). The stones are lab garnets and are 2mm in diameter, and then there is a little 24k gold decoration just to finish it all off.

I was quite chuffed with this when I finished it yesterday! :D

The back has a sunburst design and my little Joy logo.

The front swings open and is held closed by a little magnetic clasp. Inside are a few more 'hidden' garnets.

I'll be making some more little lockets very soon, so watch this space! 
I'll also be teaching this project in the future.

Have fun!

Joy x

Tuesday 29 July 2014

New Work

 I've been having fun over the past few months making lots of different types of work.

These are a few rainbow enamelled pieces. I do love adding colour with enamel!! :)

Ive also been making lots more rings. No enamel on these ones, but still some colour on most of them (of course!) :D

The weather has been really hot over the last few days, but today it is cooler which is great as I plan to get enamelling.

So, it is kiln on and time to finish up a locket (or maybe two!!) that I have been working on. 

Photos tomorrow hopefully!  :)

Have fun!

Joy x

Monday 28 July 2014

Making Masks

 I've been very busy on the mask front over the last few months. I've taught various mask making workshops in the USA and in the UK.

This is the latest mask pendant I've finished. It is called Sentinella di Venezia. I actually started this one ages ago, and there it sat waiting, waiting, waiting... until inspiration hit and I found the time to bring it into life! :)

These are a few of the other mask pendants I've made recently.

This one is called Essenza di Venezia. You can see how this mask was made in my step by step online workshop with CraftCast

 The next mask pendant is called Fireocity, more of a devilish little friend! :)

And this one is called Shuki Iru. 


These masks will all be going in my website shop soon.

Meanwhile if you make jewellery and fancy having a go at making your very own unique silver and enamel mask pendant you'll find details of my workshops on my website, and I am now selling mask moulds for the basic face shape as well!! :)

Have fun!

Joy x

Sunday 27 July 2014

Modern Medieval Earrings

So, yesterday I showed you some colourful things!

These are my new design, a range I am calling Modern Medieval.

Here is a WIP shot of the pieces made in fine silver clay waiting to be fired in the kiln at 820C.


As they fire for an hour or so the binders which were added the the powdered silver burn away, the pieces shrink a little and I am left with pure fine silver. 

Here they are fresh out of the kiln (cooled first of course!) :)
At this point the silver looks white and the next stage is to polish them up to nice and shiney, and then enamel them.

Until finally we have lovely earrings!!
One pair just had to be rainbow!! 

The lovely red and black of these have a real Gothic feel.

And this pair have 24k gold dots around the edges, and wonderful green and blue enamel. I called these Pretty as a Peacock!

These earrings are now up for sale on my website and also in my Etsy shop.

I am really happy with this new style and Im working on matching pendants and also lockets.

I'd love to know what you think of them!

Thanks for reading...
and have fun!

Joy x

Saturday 26 July 2014

Long Time - No Blog!

I've been a really bad blogger!

I kept thinking 'I must blog' but somehow never got around to it - it has been a hectic year!

And yes, it is a year!! Today I decided to go get started again, and guess what, then I saw it was exactly a year since I last posted!!

To be fair it is not totally all my fault, blogger seems so unresponsive that just posting this today has become a major struggle and I have had to change browser to do it.

Still, enough of the excuses. I shall now be blogging again!! YAY!!!

So here is a bit of colour to start with - 
I'll tell you about these in my next post ;) 


have fun!

Joy x
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