Saturday, 26 July 2014

Long Time - No Blog!

I've been a really bad blogger!

I kept thinking 'I must blog' but somehow never got around to it - it has been a hectic year!

And yes, it is a year!! Today I decided to go get started again, and guess what, then I saw it was exactly a year since I last posted!!

To be fair it is not totally all my fault, blogger seems so unresponsive that just posting this today has become a major struggle and I have had to change browser to do it.

Still, enough of the excuses. I shall now be blogging again!! YAY!!!

So here is a bit of colour to start with - 
I'll tell you about these in my next post ;) 


have fun!

Joy x


  1. They look beautiful!
    I did click on the image for a closer look but it downloaded to my pc as a TXT file?

    1. Thank you! That is strange on the photo, it does the same to me. I did have a lot of problems creating this post to start with! Try my next post that I put up today, I've checked and those photos work for me :)


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