Friday 27 May 2011

Bird a week 21/52 - Birdie Brooch

This week it is a brooch! I don't make a lot of brooches but I enjoyed this one and people have been asking for them so watch this space!

I made a paper texture using my friend Lynne Glazzard' s technique and then added one thin layer of enamel to the fine silver (Art Clay silver) brooch. Quite tricky to photograph but it has a lovely subtle look to it.

On the back I made a brooch pin in sterling silver wire which I soldered on after enamelling. Thank you Nic on PMC Tips blog for the idea. I am quite pleased with how it turned out so I am feeling inspired to make more :)

This Saturday I am at the Heathfield Show in the craft marquee. This is a very long day 8am - 6pm and normally a very busy one so fingers crossed! :)

If you are coming to the show please do stop by and say hello. We are near the red gate.

Saturday 21 May 2011

Bird a week 20/52 - Birdie earrings

Four birds this week!

They will be two pairs of earrings and the style of the birds match some of my recent pendants.

They are quite tiny and will hang from ear wires. They are made using Art Clay Silver and have an XL Gel Liver of Sulphur patina.

The backs are quite plain with my little Joy logo.

Cute eh? ;-)

Friday 13 May 2011

Bird A Week 19/52 - Sitting Pretty Too

Yay - this week I am on time with my bird!

I really enjoyed making this one. I shaped some cork clay into a bird form and then painted layers of Art Clay Silver paste to create a hollow bead birdie. I just build up extra layers to for the wings. I had some paste which was quite lumpy so I just went with it and actually I do like the effect it gave with just a little smoothing out.

As there is no back to this piece as such you have to have a photo of the rear end instead!  ;-)

I have not yet decided what to make it into. Possibly a pendant but I am thinking maybe a brooch.

Here is my Haiku poem for it...

Tiny little bird
One of natures great wonders
Will you sing for me?

Tuesday 10 May 2011

Bird a Week 18/52 - Belated Birdie!

Todays Bird a week is in fact last weeks Bird a Week. I will think of a proper name for him - honest! I have also not yet written his Haiku poem.

Last week just disappeared in a haze of family ill health sadly. Still this little fellow got made in the end. I decided on nice bright cheery colours. I am not sure any bird like this really exists!!

Here is the reverse set with a 3mm zircon CZ.

Now I just have to get up to date and make this weeks bird ;-)

Watch this space....

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