Friday, 13 May 2011

Bird A Week 19/52 - Sitting Pretty Too

Yay - this week I am on time with my bird!

I really enjoyed making this one. I shaped some cork clay into a bird form and then painted layers of Art Clay Silver paste to create a hollow bead birdie. I just build up extra layers to for the wings. I had some paste which was quite lumpy so I just went with it and actually I do like the effect it gave with just a little smoothing out.

As there is no back to this piece as such you have to have a photo of the rear end instead!  ;-)

I have not yet decided what to make it into. Possibly a pendant but I am thinking maybe a brooch.

Here is my Haiku poem for it...

Tiny little bird
One of natures great wonders
Will you sing for me?


  1. i realy en-joy your style, a lovely piece of workmanship/craft, don't know how to say it in english:)


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