Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bird a Week 18/52 - Belated Birdie!

Todays Bird a week is in fact last weeks Bird a Week. I will think of a proper name for him - honest! I have also not yet written his Haiku poem.

Last week just disappeared in a haze of family ill health sadly. Still this little fellow got made in the end. I decided on nice bright cheery colours. I am not sure any bird like this really exists!!

Here is the reverse set with a 3mm zircon CZ.

Now I just have to get up to date and make this weeks bird ;-)

Watch this space....


  1. well, if it didn't excist, it does now, and how! i love it:)

  2. It looks great. I think it should be called 'Bird on the wing' as it definitely looks like it's flying

  3. Thanks! Great idea for a name Anna. I shall go with that. (Did you like how I photographed it at an angle? ;-) ) Joy x

  4. Definitely! Great photography there :)


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