Saturday, 30 April 2011

Bird a week 17/52 Silvery Moon

Bird a Week time!

This week some silhouetted birds. Made using Art Clay Silver this fine silver pendant measures approx 32mm in diameter. I actually made the domed section while demonstrating during my workshop at the recent Guild of Enamellers conference. On the reverse is a quick paper texture I made using Lynne Glazzard's technique. I finished it off with a 3mm square lab ruby and my little Joy logo.

There are still quite a few of us on the Bird a Week challenge :-)

Here are links to some of the others.....


  1. wow, there is more love in your silvery moon than in the brittish fresh wedded couple! love, riet:)

  2. Your work is stunning! This is so unbelievably gorgeous! I love the black detail, the shape of the birds, wow!


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