Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bird a Week 15/52 - Where Bluebirds Fly

My 15th bird a week entry! The year is flying by.

This weekend I am teaching at the Guild of Enamellers conference so I made this a workshop example as well.

Just a simple rainbow and some blue birds enamelled on a silver pendant using my Enamelled Accents technique. It measures approx 34mm in diameter.

The reverse is a paper texture made using my friend Lynne Glazzard's technique. It is set with a 3mm CZ.

And...... wait for it.....  here is my haiku poem.... :)

Where bluebirds fly
Hope is springing eternal
I see a rainbow


  1. This just seems such a happy necklace. Your enamelling technique is so good Joy - as it the way you finish the back of the pieces.

  2. Amazing texture precision, colors are perfect, so gorgeous!


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