Saturday, 2 April 2011

Bird a Week 13/52 - Secret Green Bird

This weeks BAW is a locket. I made this while teaching a workshop in the last week. Hilary and Alli arrived with a photo of a similar locket and said we want to make these! Fair enough you might think BUT
1. I didn't know until they arrived they wanted to make this
2. I have not made a locket in this style before
3. it was only the second time Alli has used silver clay and Hilary has only been using it a while longer!!!

So it was a bit of a challenge for me as well but they were more than happy for me to make one at the same time and work it out as we went along. Definitely two people who like to jump in at the deep end!! :)

We had three days so it was nice and relaxed and they also made wonderful pendants as well. They both did fantastically well and I will get their two lockets and pendants photographed when I can so you can see what a great job they did. We also had a really good laugh along the way and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Anyway back to the BAW. Once I had finished my locket I enamelled the bird inside, then the leaves on the front, added keum boo and finally patinated with Liver of Sulphur.

I have been reading a book of Japanese Haiku poems recently and really like the form of them so I wrote one for the locket.....

The bamboo dense, tall
A startled flash of green wings
My secret bird flies

I think I might write more haiku - you have been warned!!!! ;-)


  1. That is stunningly beautiful Joy!

  2. P.S. Your hamster was looking a bit thin so I fed him x

  3. Thanks Jo !

    Yes my hamster does take a lot of feeding. Wish I could eat that much and keep in good shape!! :)


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