Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bird a Week 16/52 Splendid Blue Wren

Another week - another bird!

Actually I am rather chuffed with myself because I made this one but have the start on 3 others for future weeks. Lots more work needed but nice to have some ideas on the go :)

Anyway, back to the week in hand. This strange shaped domed pendant was an example for the workshop I taught at the Guild of Enamellers conference this last weekend. I fired it when I got back home on Monday and then added this bird.

Having made a wren I decided I did not want to enamel it brown so I searched around a bit on the Internet and there is a beautiful bright blue wren called a Splendid Fairy Wren in Australia. Just perfect for the colours I had in mind.

It is made in Art Clay Silver and the wren is added using my enamelled accents technique. It measure approx 32mm in diameter.

Here is the reverse set with a 3mm CZ.

And yes.... it is supposed to sit at an odd angle - I was not having a funny five minutes! ;-)


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