Saturday, 4 June 2011

Bird a Week 22/52 - Rainbow Cockatoo

I know I know you have never heard of a rainbow Cockatoo, well I don't think there is one. Mind you if you google it you will see some poor birds who I hope were digitally enhanced and did not have a bad day at the birdie hairdressers!! I digress :)

This little pendant is made using Art Clay Silver and is enamelled. I found an old printing block this week whilst I was having a clear out. I acquired it years ago and it is quite worn but there was still enough details left to impress the clay quite well, albeit with some flaws in it it (the little dots).

Having checked out what colours cockatoos came in they all seemed a little boring so I went for a rainbow bright and cheerful version:)

This is the printing block beside it. The wingspan on the fired bird is just 17mm so quite tiny.

And here is my haiku for it

Siting on a perch
In Victorian splendour
Multicoloured Bird


  1. great to see how you make a bird, I had no idea that you could use a kind of stamp to do so. lovely colours:)

  2. what a beautiful bird (and the name!) you made! I am not familier with silver clay and so interesting to know afetr seeing your creation! I love all of birdies you make, they are so sweet :) xm


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