Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bird a week 25/52 - Soaring High

Don't you just hate people who say things and then don't do what they say? I'll try be less tardy I said in my last post! Huh - another bird not posted until Sunday. Sorry!!

So this fine silver brooch is made using Art Clay Silver with a  coral bezel set cab and keum boo and Enamelled Accent silhouetted bird.

The cabochon is 8mm to give you some idea of the size of it.

The reverse has a handmade brooch pin.

Here is the Haiku poem for it.

Sun shines rays of gold
Silhouettes dark, feathered wings
Soaring high above

Hope you like it ;-)


  1. I'm so glad to see you doing brooches. I loooove brooches and I love your blackbirds. Beautiful piece.

  2. Gorgeous piece, as always my dear friend!!

  3. Thank you :) Definitely will be doing more brooches, people keep asking for them. Not something I have made much of before.


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