Monday, 14 November 2011

Bird a Week 45/52 - Pavone di Venezia

This week is something a little different. This is the fourth in my venetian mask series which is inspired by the bird a week so I hope you will forgive artistic licence:) I know she is a little late again but I am into the Christmas Fairs now so my schedule gets a little pushed around!

I have called her Pavone di Venezia meaning the peacock of Venice. She is fine silver and set with 2mm lab sapphire cabochons and 2mm citrine czs. Her earrings dangle and move around as she is worn.

The reverse is decorated as well and set with 3 x 3mm stones.

I am going to list her for sale in on my website and also in my new Etsy shop that I recently opened. You can see the link to the shop on the right of my blog.

Here is her Haiku

Peacock Blue and Green
Plumage framing mask serene
Venetian wonder


  1. oh....what a beauty
    can't find a haiku to say
    how much i love it:)

  2. Absolutely stunning Joy (as usual!)

    Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you and G on Sunday - I hope you both have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and see you in 2012!!

    Ali x

  3. Woooow.....what a beautiful piece of art!! hugzz...peebee

  4. Wow, that is the only thing thaht I can say. Wow, wow.
    I think this is the mask that I like the most.

  5. reminds me of the ati atihan festival in kalibo aklan..


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