Monday, 19 November 2012

October Four A Month - Colourful Rings

I've made it (well almost!). This is the last of my late challenge pieces.
Colourful Rings! - my Four A Month for October.
These four rings are all fine silver made using Art Clay Silver. The first three have the stone fired in place. The one above is called Pink Diamond.
Below is Green Sunshine.
The next one is called Purple Dots. It has a slightly different construction method to the other two, which are made using my Ritzy Rings technique.

And finally this one is called Rustic Red Too. This has the same construction technique as the previous ring but the stone is set after firing. This gorgeous red CZ is a stone I brought home from my Japan trip a couple of years ago. You may remember I made me a ring called Rustic Red earlier this year using one of these stone but then sold it straight away :( I blooged about it back in July.
This one I really do plan to keep for me! It is on my finger now as I type...
... and to show it really is mine I put my name on the outside at the back of the band. That could be really handy if I forget who I am... ;-)
Here are all four ring together.

Now I just have to finish this months challenges and I am totally up to date.
I guess I will need a good finale for my December pieces - time to get thinking!!
Have fun :)
Joy x

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