Saturday 17 November 2012

A Quick Play with Faux Bone

At the end of September I went to the Art Clay Festival in Switzerland. I had a lovely time!! I had great students on my two workshops and met wonderful people from all around the world. The whole event was exceptionally well organised by Erna Piechna-Sowersby and her husband Harry of  Creative Glass in Zurich and Rochester UK. They were the most gracious hosts.
One delightful person I had the pleasure to met and spend a little time with was Melissa Cable who had flown over from the USA to teach Faux Bone. Melissa was standing in at the last minute for Robert Dancik, the creator of Faux Bone, who could not come due to a back problem.
I have looked at Faux Bone before, and indeed even had a small stash on my shelf. I bought it with great enthusiam a couple of years ago and then didn't really know what I was doing with it so there it just sat. It is basically a type of plastic that Robert uses to make wonderful things that often do have the look of carved bone to them.
Melissa was working with this material in different ways and showed me lots of her samples, and she really quite inspired me to revisit it and give it another go.
Today I took delivery of a small set of alcohol ink pens for colouring the Faux Bone so I dived right in and just made this little rainbow bangle. There is no great skill involved in making this, as you can see!! I just wanted to try the pens and heating a bit of FB to get a few ideas going in my head.

I plan to work more with this material and to combine it with silver. We will see what happens. Melissa and I are also going to work on a project together which is going to be fun!

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