Sunday, 10 January 2010

Winter Blossom

Here is a piece that has been on my workbench for ages half finished. Yesterday I actually got around to finishing it off. Made with Art Clay Silver the little stones are Alexandrites which seem to change colour as the light catches them mainly going from reds through pinks to browns. I had originally thought I might polish it up more but somehow the wintry golds, blues and purples in the background seemed to rather reflect the snowy weather so I have left it that way. It measures about 32mm in diameter.


By the end of yesterday the snow here was about 8 inches deep. Today it seems like it is melting a bit and we have fine sleet coming down so maybe we will defrost soon.


  1. Another truly gorgeous piece,
    love those little threads you've used on the necklace, they complement it so beautifully
    nic x

  2. Very beautiful, what a stunning piece.

  3. really pretty Joy - i love the colours too! Becci xx

  4. beautiful colors!

  5. Thanks everyone - looks like you are all into wintery colours at the mo :)


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