Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sparkly Spiral

I made this lovely sparkly spiral back in the late summer. The photo above shows both sides of it and it measures about 6cm long. The idea was that I would wear it at the Art Clay conference last September. Needless to say as with all great but last minute ideas I never finished it in time for the conference!
In the past I had not really been one for adding faceted stones to my pieces but my friend Bev just loves little sparkles on everything. After a while this started to become a bit infectious, Bev kept showing me things she had made and the more pieces I saw and thought - Oh Bev would love that - the more I realised I was taking to them myself. Anyway eventually I ordered up a batch of pretty little stones and started to play setting them using syringe. The more I played the more I loved them. Now I am adding stones to everything I make (thanks Bev :) ).
This spiral turned into a bit of a labour of love and did take quite a while to do. It has 39 tiny 2mm little sparkles on it each one set using syringe and I thoroughly enjoyed creating it. But then I hit a snag. I fired it without putting too much thought into how I was going to wear it. I sort of had a vague idea!! When I tried it on chain it unwound itself off it, thin leather was the same. Thick leather looked good but I did not like it on a horizontal etc etc. It ended up sitting on one side waiting it's turn to be finished.
When I made the Fairy pendant last week a little light flashed on in my head. Yes, that wool would be good with it!
I decided to plait 4 strands and just use knots to finish.

The spiral wraps really snugly onto it and will not come undone on it's own.

Best of all the colours in the wool seems to pick up on the colours of thee little gems. It does need a bit more refining of the wool and positioning on it yet but basically I like the result.


  1. What a novel idea - good one

  2. hey Joy - sorry I havent replied to you mail - thanks for the info ...Glad to see you are well and truly hooked on the sparklies !! :-) I have to say you do it very well !! as always !! there's no going back though - sparklies everywhere .. :-)

  3. Thanks everyone. Yes Bev you are right :) Addicted now !!


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