Sunday, 17 January 2010

At Long Last Those Photos...

I kept promising you these photos and today while I was at my parents I actually remembered to take them!
The story of these pieces is that a couple of months before Christmas when I was over at my parents my Dad pointed at their placemats (pictured above) and said could I make Mum a set of jewellery based on them for him to give her for Christmas. We decided a change of flowers would work better and this is what I came up with. Our family name is Parrott so anything with a parrot on is always a collectible to us!! :-)
. The pendant and matching earrings are made in Art Clay silver with lab grown rubies (Mums favourite colour stones) fired in place. The second set of earrings are very light and just an everyday pair to match in with the pendant when she does not want to wear the more formal silver ones. The quality of the photos is not too good but I had to improvise with a chair seat as a background!!

She really liked the set so there we are - just goes to show you can get inspiration from anywhere :)


  1. Wow, they're gorgeous! Absolutely Love them

  2. what a sweet dad you have! and your work is beautiful!

  3. Absolutely Beautiful! I love theway you turneed a placemat design into something so lovely and so personal! I am in awe!

  4. your pieces are precious memories for your family...I will be taking a class from Michele Loon tomorrow..your work is fabulous.. Beadvoyager


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