Tuesday 5 October 2010

So sad to see

I have just been down to the seafront to have a look at our pier. (see my last post). It is a very sorry sight. Clouds of smoke are still billowing out all across the town and every now and then you can see flames coming out where it the fire has rekindled in the strong winds.  The shoreline is littered with debris washing up in the waves.

For most of my teenage years I lived with my parents in a flat nearly opposite the pier. I have put together a (not very good!) montage to show you. Our flat was on the fourth floor of Palace Chambers where I have put a red dot.

It is now pouring with rain, that can only be a good thing.



  1. That really is sad to see :( I remember visiting so many of the piers around Kent and Sussex when I was young, they are such a wonderful peice of our history. I hope some good comes out of this by spurring interest in restoring and reopenning it again.

  2. This really does make me sad. As I said before Hastings is an important place for me. I loved to go onto the pier when I was young it was such a treat.


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