Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A Bit of History Gone Forever?

This is very sad :-(((

Our historic Victorian pier in Hastings burnt down last night. Looks like it was probably arson. The pier has been closed since 2006 because of safety concerns but plans were currently afoot to get it restored and open again. An iconic building of the town and a place full of childhood memories for me.

I am just off to go and have a look at what is left this morning....


  1. I have just been reading this, Joy. Really really sad.

    Phil & I love walking on piers and it sounds like this may be another one gone forever.

    I hope they find the b*****ds that did it!

    Ali x

  2. Yes it is so sad Ali, I have just walked down and had a look. A very sorry sight, I am just going to post photos. I could see fires rekindling as I stood there :-(

  3. Oh no! I was christened in Hastings and my grandmother lived there. I spent all my early childhood holidays there. I have such fond memories of the pier. What a senseless act.

  4. So selfish to burn something like this down, or even to set fire to anything. Apparently they've arrested 2 people for arson so I hope they are the right people and they get convicted.
    We all need beauty in our lives and an old pier with decorative iron supports is definitely wonderful to look at. I hope they can re-build it in the old-fashioned style.


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