Thursday, 21 October 2010

Remember Dudley?

If you read my blog regularly you will recall a while ago I showed you a photo of Dudley with a promise to tell you more.

Dudley is a beautiful little handmade bear and he is about 10cm high. He was created by Andy West and Dudley is a Westie Bear. All Westie bears have Andy's trademark little bee on them. Cute eh!

When I was at the Rudgewick Steam Fair at the end of August Andy's stand was opposite mine and Andy spent all weekend creating. It was fascinating watching him working whenever we had any quiet spells. Over the weekend Dudley was created (born?). Hubby and I decided I really should have Dudley as my stand mascot especially as I had been there at the birth!! (sorry this is getting worse :-) ).

However, Dudley could not be my stand mascot without his own bit of jewellery could he?,  so I have made him the cutest little medallion to wear. He is proudly wearing it in the photo above.

It measures just 18mm across and is of course silver and enamel. Only the best for Dudley!

I put a bit of my favourite Japanese cherry blossom on the back for him.

So if you collect teddy bears and fancy a handmade bespoke pendant or medallion please get in touch. Maybe I can start a whole new line of work!! ;-)

Anyway... back to reality and I have been busy creating ready for the show this weekend. Mostly earrings with some pendants. These are a few of the pieces waiting for findings.

 And this lot below have just come back from hallmarking so will be going out on the stand this weekend and then onto my website for sale afterwards if I still have them.

Do come along and say hello this weekend at Lancing College and you can meet Dudley. He would love to show his medallion off to you!

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  1. Dudley is very sweet and his pendant is fabulously cute!

    Cor - what a lovely load of jewellery. You have been busy, Joy!


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