Thursday, 17 September 2009

What Am I Working On?

At the moment I am working on my pieces for the competition at the Art Clay conference in Jersey next month. The pieces have to be posted off next week. I am doing a set of charms and a pair of earrings and the theme is Travel.

As it is a competition and we have a members vote I can't show them to you yet though :(

So here is a photo of my two cats Inu and Shuki just for something to look at :)

To be honest they are seldom this loving to each other. They are brother and sister, Inu on the left and Shuki on the right. I took this photo just after my parents' cat had gone home after a two week stay. I think it was a bit of a "phew thanks goodness she has gone - peace at last" moment!


  1. They look very cute and cuddly. I love cats and have two of my own. I bet they make a lot of mess with their fur!!

  2. Awww they are soooo gorgeous!


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