Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Stamping Joy!

I have been trying to work out for a while what to put onto the back of my jewellery pieces. I have tried various options using stamps I have made myself with photo polymer plates but with small type they don't last long and I was never very happy with them. Over the last year or two I have tried

Handmade by Joy Funnell
Joy Funnell
Handmade by Joy

For quite a while I have been using a small circle with JF in but since I make a lot of reversible jewellery I always feel this detracts from the reverse side because people don't necessarily want to have my initials on it. As I have redesigned my logo I decided it was the ideal time to settle on Joy, which hopefully people will like to wear, but now I could make it more distinctive as me by adding my squiggle (technical term!).

I ordered a proper stamp from Babette Cox in the USA. I wanted it to be quite small and Babette was really helpful with advice to make it work well. It only measures about 5mm across but is lovely as it is such a crisp clear image. It arrived last week so I used it on the simple piece I made at the workshop I taught at the weekend. So here is a photo of the front and back of the finished item which I fired yesterday after finishing off the decoration.
I'm really pleased with the result, hope you like it too.


  1. Oh my goodness Murano Silvers box logo is just like your squiggle...

    How delicious! I've never noticed it before because yours is so colourful. Great minds think alike! (mines a stylised MS and I spent days doodling MS over loads of notepads to get the right one, lol)

    Adore your squiggle and the idea of Joy on every piece it's wonderful :)
    Nic xx

  2. Hey Nic, that is a coincidence!

    Mine is just a plain old squiggle. I like how yours is actually letters. I found a nice little tool in my new version of CorelDraw and just played until I found one I liked using the rainbow colours. I had squiggles everywhere!

    Thanks, Joy

  3. Oooh I bet all those rainbow squiggles looked fabulous!


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