Friday, 11 September 2009

Patinated Rainbow Flower

Yep, that does it for me. I do love things better with a bit of patination. (still not a good photograph of the colours though - they just don't seem to want to come out well) I think it brings up the enamels more and really highlights the texture. Mind you I know lots of people that hate it and prefer their silver bright and shiny. Which do you prefer?


  1. I definitely like the look of age. Pretty bead!

  2. love it! I agree it brings out the texture - though I do like bright and shiny too...... or just bright really! The colour does it for me x

  3. I love both - very much depends on the piece, in this case I think you've chosen the perfect option, a hint of patina to bring the colours out!
    nic x

  4. Thanks :) Yeah a bit of aging does it for me (I keep telling myself that when I look in the mirror as well!)


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