Sunday, 27 September 2009

More Enamelled Accents...

Ah got there at last! Now it is letting me upload photos.
So here is a new piece I have finished as an example for the conference. Haven't quite decided on a name for this one yet. Any suggestions? I rather like this flower. The enamels are Catallya Japanese enamels from Zama UK. I love this yellow.

These pieces are examples of the sort of things that we should have time to make on the workshop at conference. I am trying to stick with fairly simple for everyone to just get the idea of the technique with the short time and limited resources that are available. The workshop is only 3 hours long and we are making the piece from start to finishing the enamelling. I think the main issue might be queues at the kilns :-)
Can't wait to get to Jersey now for a great weekend.


  1. Love all of them - the triangle has to be called "Toblerone" and how about "Zinnia" for the flower pendant?
    Nic x

  2. great pieces, i especially love the flower pendant. how about "sunburst"

  3. Oh thanks for all those great suggestions. I like Toblerone for the triangles as well Nic. I hadn't thought of that but it couldn't be anything else really could it!

    Joy x


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