Monday, 13 July 2015

20/52 Stud Earrings!!

OK, time to catch up on my challenge and my blog posts. So here we go, they all be along in time, albeit they might be in the wrong order!! ;)

Stud earrings - in the past I've never really made them!

Why? Well firstly I don't wear them myself. I used to in the dim and distant past. Before I ever started making jewellery I only ever wore stud earrings. But I also only ever wore gold back in those days as well! :)

Once I started making jewellery I changed to wearing dangles as I liked making them, and generally the ones I make are a bit larger so I feel I have more design scope. But people always ask me for studs. So recently I decided I really should start to make them.

I made a batch of silver flowers with 24k gold added by Keum Boo method, and then started on some with stones set into them. I like the more rustic stone set ones, and they seem slightly medieval to me, a style I always like!! The cabochons do glow nicely on the ones with the stones fired in place. the turquoise cabs are 3mm and are bezel set after firing. A bit on the fiddly side but I like the result!!

At my show last weekend I sold some straight off :)
So I guess I'll be making a lot more of them from now on! Time to try lots of new designs! :D

Have fun!!


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