Monday 27 July 2015

24/52 A Creative Spin

When I started this year long challenge in my 'mission statement' ( that sounds grand doesn't it!! :) ) I said that I would include some element of metal clay with each entry.

So this one is pushing it a bit!!! ;) it involves organising my tools etc to help me work more efficently with metal clay I think I can get away with it!! :D

When I'm working I have a whole crop of tools and little boxes that I like to have in front of me on my worksurface so they are readily to hand. For the last few years I have used a rotating desk tidy which is great (thank you Tracey Spurgin for that idea!), but now it has got to the point where I struggle to fit in all the tools, and I have a few others I would like to add! When I go to pull something out maybe another tool falls out at the same time. Something had to be done about it!! I laid them all out on the table and they looked quite a lot!!

I had a good search around various websites and couldn't find exactly what I wanted, but I realised that I did have things laying around to enable me to create my own customised work tidy :)

This Lazy Susan had been kicking around unused for quite a few years! It measures about 9" across.

Then I had these lovely little bamboo pots, bought a couple of years ago...becasue they were cheap and I liked them, but never used!! (I'm sure you have things like that too!!). 

So...time to break out the trusty glue gun! It is amazing what you can achieve with one of these :D

First I glued the base of the revolving desk tidy to the Lazy Susan, making sure it would still turn.

Then I glued on six bamboo pots. I still have another six of these pots, but I decided on restraint for the moment. Easier to glue on a few more in time that to try to pull them off again!! :)

Finally I loaded everything back in, and hey presto, organization!!! :)

 No doubt in time I shall move things around as I find what works best for me - but I'm loving the end result!!! 

Here it is in action!!!

Have fun!

Joy x

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