Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Weekly Critter Challenge 4/52 - Bluebell

Here is this weeks critter - Bluebell!
She is fine silver and enamel and she is a brooch. She was a commission and guess what, I forgot to photograph the back with the brooch pin before she went off to her new home! Oh well. I am sure you know what a brooch pin looks like! :) She measures approx 35mm x 40mm.
She is based on Bluebell, the cat belonging to the new owner of the brooch. Bluebell is a ragdoll. I really enjoyed making this so watch out for more cats!! If you want to commission a cat brooch or pendant just let me know! 
Here is Bluebell's poem
Her fur is as white as the freshly lain snow
Her markings are delicate shades
Her eyes are as blue as the clear summer sky
Her intelligence shows in her gaze
Her manner is mischievous, haughty at times
She is Queen over all she surveys
Have fun!
Joy x


  1. Really beautiful. I love her expression! Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. She is gorgeous!And what a brilliant idea!x


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