Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Weekly Critter Challenge 1/52 - Goldie

My first critter for my Weekly Critter Challenge 2013.
OK, so this is actually last weeks critter, blogger has not been letting me upload photos for some reason, but I have got round it at last!
This little fella is called Goldie, because he is a goldie fish, he,he!!
And he is made out of Goldie Bronze, so all in all, a very fitting name!
Here is the other side of him, and as you can see from the photo below, he is quite small.
If you have followed my challenges over the last two year you will recall in 2010, when I did a Bird a Week, I also wrote a Haiku poem for each one.
This year I have decided to write more poems. Sorry about that, but you are stuck with my poor poetic skills for the whole year!
They will not all be Haiku this time though.
Here is the poem for Goldie
With a flip of my tail
And a flap of my fin
In my watery realm
I'm the king pin
I have already made my next critter so expect another post very soon! :)
Joy x

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