Thursday, 10 January 2013

Weekly Critter Challenge 2/52 - Rainbow Jalien

When I started the critter challenge I have to say I mostly had earthly creatures in mind, but then I decided to make an alien this week, and well... there you go, these things happen! Weird, eh? ;-)
I also decided that if I was going to keep making aliens (will I, won't I?) then I had better decide on a name for them, so this is my first Jalien. Why Jaliens? Well really I was thinking Joy's aliens. I went through several permutations and this was the option I liked best. When picking a new name for something it is always good to spend a little time on google, just to check your name does not mean something dreadful, maybe in another language. As far as I could tell the word Jalien only exists as a surname, but maybe you will tell me differently!
OK, back to the pendant. It is made using the new formula Art Clay Silver, which I really like. It is great for making tiny snakes and things like that as it holds the moisture much better and the fired silver polishes up to a lovely shine.
I was aiming for a cute alien, but people keep telling me this little chap looks creepy. Oh well, maybe my next Jalien will be cuter! 
I set a 3mm CZ which was fired in place, and then enamelled him, rainbow of course!!!
You can see that he is quite small.
As I was aiming for a unisex pendant (the wearer not the alien!), I made the back quite plain, but set a 2mm CZ for a little sparkle.
Writing a poem about an alien seemed quite tricky so I went with a haiku as they are quite short!
Something amazing
Traveller through space and time
A Jalien
Many thanks to Creative Glass for giving me some of the new formula Art Clay Silver to test!
Joy x

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