Friday, 23 December 2011

Bird a week 51/52 - Resplendent Robin

This week it just had to be a robin didn't it:) This fine silver pendant made using Art Clay Silver has enamel, Enamelled Accents, 2mm lab ruby cabochons, and 24k gold Keum Boo.

A lovely festive little bird. Interestingly (well it was to me anyway!) this is the first bird I have used brown on all through the year. Now isn't that just a useless little fact!

The reverse is set with a 3mm lab ruby.

Here is the Haiku

Red berries, holly green
Resplendent little robin
Happy Christmas All

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.

I am still being indecisive about my final bird next week so watch this space!!.....


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