Monday, 5 December 2011

Bird a Week 48/52 - Scarlet Macaw

If you have been on a workshop with me in the last couple of months then you will know this parrot has been a while in the making! He has been sitting half made by my hot plate for a while so I decided it really was time to finish him off. He is a fine silver bead made using Art Clay Silver paste over cork clay. He is also a bit of an experiment.

Having fired him I decided to try using Prismacolor pencils instead of enamel for the colour. I brought these pencils a couple of years ago but have never tried using them. I worked on the colours and deliberately took them back to show the silver as well, with the colours being much fainter on the front of the bird (the back of the pendant).

I am not too sure if I will leave him like this or whether in fact you will see a mark 2 version in due time when I enamel him instead!

I would love to know what you think ;-)

Here is his Haiku

Multicoloured bird
Intelligent, majestic
Sitting in a ring


  1. I like him verrrrrry much!! The difference in color is just the right thing to make him more interesting (as he already is!):)) hugzz...peebee

  2. I really like the Parrot butI'm not that sold on the pencils. He looks a bit like he's in molt to me.

  3. Thanks Peebee. LOL, yes I sort of know what you mean about the molt look!! :)

  4. I really like him. He looks antique.


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