Monday, 12 December 2011

Bird a Week 49/52 - Perky Penguins

Week 49 - only three more after this one! So, here we have two cute little penguins. Joyful Jewellery. These are fine silver earrings with Enamelled Accents. Below is the reverse of the earrings. These will be up in my website shop and on Etsy tomorrow :)

Here is the Haiku for the penguins

Black and White Birdies
Great swimmers but flightless
Perky Penguins

When I started on this challenge back in January it never occurred to me that come December time would be short and keeping up to date would be hard. I know I have erred a little in the last few weeks but bird number 50 is already half made and will be here in a day or two! Bear with me :))))

 I am also having a hard time making my decisions on the final two offerings!

Too many birds, too little time.

Watch this space..... ;-)


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