Friday, 7 October 2011

Bird a Week 40/52 - Having a Hoot!

As promised here is the second bird for this week so I am now totally back up to date with my Bird a Week Challenge.

I am in a bit of a comical mode at the moment and I really enjoyed making this one. As I played around with the wires for the owl I could get all kinds of comical faces and was sitting giggling away. Lovely to be enjoying my work so much!!

The back is a geometric design so the piece can be worn wither way round.


Wide eyed little owl
With your cute expression
I'm having a hoot!


  1. lovely little owl
    laughing and playing away
    soon you will be wise

    LOVE IT:)

  2. I'm loving these! This little owl is so perky. Love his feet coming over the edge. And I love the idea of sitting at your bench giggling too! Look forward to you next funny feathered friend!

  3. I love it! Fantastic detail, and he's so cute!

  4. He really is a beauty. Fantastic style


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